10 frustrating moments short people don’t like

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On behalf of the short people all over the world, I am compiling the list of frustrating moments short people do not like so that society can take note and make adjustments. It’s not their height that is the problem, it is how you choose to relate with the height that is.

People who create these frustration moments for short people are simply Achondroplasiaphobic – The fear of short people. Hence, avoid these moments in a short person’s life.

Buying long clothes for them.

Why would you order a cloth online for a person without considering the clothes ‘ length relative to the person’s height? It is so unfair, stop it. Rather give them the cash so they can shop for clothes at the mall themselves.

When their hand can’t reach.

So, you’ve given them the money to go shopping and you let them go alone, c’mon, be nice. How do you expect them to reach for clothes that are hung at a height? These supermarkets/malls are not considerable nowadays.

When the toilet mirror is too high.

Short people use mirrors too, so if you want to place a mirror in the toilet, place it in such a way that short people don’t get to see only their forehead. It is very rude.

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Patting them on the head.

If you are close friends with a short person, you have the right to do anything except patting him on his head. Treat that place as a private part even if it’s so reachable.

When their legs can’t reach the brakes.

Car manufacturing companies use a standard sizing that doesn’t fit short people. Adjusting the car seat can be of help, but it makes it obvious that I am short.

Asking them to walk faster.

I have a friend who doesn’t like this sentence “walk faster”. I didn’t say he is short.

Reminding them of their height.

Constantly telling short people that they are short is not cool – they don’t remind you that you’re tall or average. Hence, desist from being their height monitor.

Stooping down to talk to them.

It’s still in debate as to which method is best to apply when talking to a short person when both parties are standing. Do you bend low to their height so that they don’t get to raise their neck at an incredible angle just to see who they are talking to and be audible enough? Or do you just stand and make it obvious that you are way taller than the short person.

I don’t know the answer to this, but whichever way, don’t bend low to their height.

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Granting them a seat that swings their legs.

If you want to offer a short person a seat, give them a seat relative to their height. if you don’t have a seat that matches – then you are guilty of Achondroplasiaphobia (the fear of short people). Simple.

Mistaking them for a minor.

Short people can look very cute, but still, have it in your senses that height doesn’t determine the age.

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