Don Jazzy’s Net Worth 2024 ($10 Million) – How Rich is Mavin Record CEO?

Michael Collins Ajereh, or Don Jazzy, has been a popular name in the Nigerian Sphere since 2012. As the founder of the productive record label Marvin Records, Collins has prided himself as a musician, songwriter, and producer.

Recently pegged as one of the wealthiest individuals in Nigeria, Don Jazzy’s net worth stands at a total of $10 Million/₦7,785,000,000.

Don Jazzys Net Worth 2023

Solidifying himself as a whale swimming in a fish pond of the Nigerian music industry, Don Jazzy had engaged in numerous undertakings to aid his towering status in accruing social-economic worth paid in cash.

From the streets of Lagos to the zenith of the most inedible record label in Nigerian history, Collins’s monumental height was primarily conceived from a bleating desire to make music, and just like any entertainer struck by passion Collins followed this desire till he became a household name.

During his 20-year running career, Collins, professionally called Don Jazzy, has collaborated with many prime-time entertainers, initializing a backdrop for success. This move embellished his public identity with more career depth and experience. Drawing from this vast pool of expertise, Don Jazzy embarked on the journey to build his empire, starting from the ground.

With determination and talent, he slowly but steadily crafted his successful empire in the music industry.

In his early days, he was the champion of “Mo Hits,” a small-time record label founded alongside D’banj in 2004. Despite its initial promise, the label faltered shortly after its inception, which didn’t deter Collins.

Music ran through his veins, resonating with every aligning sequence and the intricate heavy lifting of music production. His musical journey had already commenced years back at the tender age of 12, and it continued flourishing in the late 2000s after a memorable trip to London.

Don Jazzy

His uncle played a crucial role there, persuading him to join the local church’s drum corps. This affiliation to raw sounds concretized Collins’ unwavering resolve to craft his music. Through ups and downs, he would remain steadfast, paving the way for his artistry to take root and flourish.

He delved into what would become one of the most enduring musical careers before venturing into the world of business. During his active era as a musician, the industry buzzed with the presence of Solek, JJC, Kas, and The 419 Squad, among others. Under the tutelage of Emeka Infiniti, he honed his production skills, leading to a complete reimagining of his creative approach. With a captivating introduction of “It’s Don Jazzy Again!” he carved a distinct path for himself, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

He emerged as the mastermind behind D’banj’s 2008 album “The Entertainer” and Wande Coal’s acclaimed “Mushin 2 MoHits.” These milestones solidified his reputation as a creative force and catapulted him to new heights of success.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, Don Jazzy’s brilliance continued to shine, making him a celebrated figure with an enduring legacy. His venture as an audio engineer and running days as a music executive had been the founding ground on which he could structure his music dynasty known as “MAVIN.” on May 7th, 2012. This production would become a powerhouse for mainstream music in Nigeria and the backbone for his insurmountable wealth.

Don Jazzy Mavin CEO

Source of Income

Don Jazzy, a seasoned sound engineer, producer, and musician, has left an indelible mark on the music industry over his 20-year career. His expertise and commanding status have allowed him to amass a substantial income, amounting to a small fortune of around 4 billion Naira, as the CEO of Marvin Records.

While he may have scaled back his active involvement in music, Don Jazzy has become a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes, signing talented artists like Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, and Dija, further augmenting his wealth and influence.

Beyond music, Don Jazzy’s association with various brands and endorsement deals has been a significant source of income. He has served as a brand ambassador for telecommunications giant MTN, promoted electronic products for Samsung, and showcased premium branded whiskeys for Johnny Walker. Additionally, he secured an endorsement deal with Loya Milk, reaping the rewards from these lucrative partnerships.

Utilizing the power of social media, Don Jazzy has turned his online presence into a profitable avenue, channeling income from various sources and further fortifying his financial standing. His entrepreneurial pursuits and intelligent investments in multiple business ventures have contributed to his ever-expanding wealth.

Don Jazzy’s journey from a music prodigy to a business-savvy mogul showcases his versatility and keen acumen for making money across different domains. With his charisma, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, he continues thriving as a formidable entertainment force.

Don Jazzy’s luxurious cars

By eschewing the ostentatious display of wealth, Don Jazzy sets himself apart as a thoughtful and authentic individual, valuing substance over showmanship. In doing so, he showcases a refreshing perspective that transcends the usual African norms, that a sign of wealth is shown in an unprovoked display of cars. While he might be set to purchase other vehicles, here are his four cars.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Don Jazzy Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The Bentley continental flying spur is easily one of the most underrated vehicles, yet it performs on par with many mundane vehicles. While many may have missed its significance, Don Jazzy seemed to have either discovered an unheard connection to this vehicle or it borderline sensitive enough to see the benefits of owning one so much that he had no problem purchasing the car for a whooping sum of 25 million Naira.

Lexus LX570

Don Jazzy Lexus LX570
Don Jazzy standing next to his Lexus LX570

In Don Jazzy’s impressive garage, a third-generation full-size luxury SUV finds its place. While some may perceive it as a mere imitation of the renowned Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, the artist had no reservations about acquiring it, shelling out a substantial sum of 20 million Naira.

Changan CS95 SUV

Don Jazzy Changan CS95 SUV
Don Jazzy’s Changan CS95 SUV

In Don Jazzy’s impressive garage, he acquired a mid-size Changan CS95 SUV in June 2023. The car which Mikano Motors delivered costs ₦25 million. The 7-seat SUV is powered by a Bluecore 2.0 T In-cylinder direct injection engine, which produces 233 horsepower and 360 N⋅m (266 lb-ft) of torque.


Don Jazzy’s bias toward SUV vehicles has become apparent and consistent, almost as if he never gets tired of indulging in them. Adding to his impressive collection, he effortlessly scratched off the cost of a Toyota Prado SUV, priced at 12 million Naira, from his back pocket.

Not stopping there, he acquired another SUV, which some might find peculiar. But when you’re worth 4 billion Naira, you get to break the rules and enjoy the luxuries of success.

Don Jazzy’s Mansion

Don Jazzys Mansion

Being one of the leading stars in Africa, Don Jazzy’s prosperous lifestyle comes as no surprise. Nestled on the prestigious Banana Island in Lagos, he proudly possesses a lavish mansion valued at 150 million naira.

Additionally, this esteemed musician boasts another splendid abode in Lekki, aptly dubbed his ‘Lekki office,’ a lavish retreat acquired for a princely sum of 160 million nairas.

Pulling in a monthly income of $0.1 million, Don Jazzy has grown from a small-time band drummer to a business mogul, musician, and the chief executive officer of Marvin.

That wraps it up for the wealth and luxurious life of the Mavin CEO. Hope you got insights into Don Jazzy’s net worth in 2023 from this article.

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