Union Bank Transfer code – Transfer code, airtime recharge and pay bills

Union bank

Union bank transfer code or banking USSD code *826# and how to use it to transfer money, pay bills and recharge airtime will be covered in details here. Ever since the advent of banking USSD code, a lot of banking stress on the customer side has been eliminated.

Union Bank transfer code is an easy one to recall – *826#. The banking code can be used to carry out basic banking transaction like transferring money, buying airtime of paying bills. Banking USSD code comes in very handy when Union Bank mobile app is not feasible due to internet connection or compatible phone. With UnionBank transfer code you can,

  • Send money to other Union Bank accounts and other bank Accounts.
  • Buy Airtime for yourself and others.
  • Check Account Number, Balances and BVN.
  • Generate a Paycode and PIN for cardless withdrawal transaction.
  • Pay bills.

We will dive in straight into how to use the Union Bank transfer code to carry out these transactions but first let’s talk about how to register for this service.

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Union Bank Transfer code

How to Register for Union Bank Transfer Code

You should know that *826# works only from your phone number that is associated with a Union Bank account. It is a security measure in addition to the authentication pin. To register for Union bank USSD banking service,

  • Dial *826#.

The services offered by Union Bank transfer code are free on other network providers except for MTN – refer to this PDF. However, registration is free for all customers.

Having registered for Union Bank USSD service, you can now enjoy the hassle-free banking, after you’ve created a four-digit pin which you’ll use to authenticate every transaction.

To Creat Union Bank Transfer code four-digit transaction pin

  • Dial *826*5# to create the pin. Tha’s it.

How to use Union Bank transfer code to transfer money

To transfer money to a Union Bank account using Union bank transfer code,

  • Dial *826*1*amount*account number#, and enter four-digits pin.

Note: This service costs you nothing.

To transfer money to other bank accounts using Union bank transfer code,

  • Dial *826*2*amount*account number#, and enter four-digits pin.

Note: This service will cost you N52.50.Transfer limit for USSD transfer code is N200,000.

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How to use Union Bank transfer code to buy airtime

To buy airtime with Union bank transfer code is easy and costs you nothing.

  • Dial *826*amount – for a self top-up,
  • Dial *826*amount*phone number – for third party top-up.

Note: The limit for airtime purchase is N20,000.

Other services such as paying bills, opening an account and checking account balance can be carried out using the same USSD code – *826# and choosing the number of the option.


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