Zenith bank transfer code, Recharge, money transfer, pay bills and balance check

Zenith Bank’s EazyBanking code – *966#, enables airtime recharging, money transfer, bill payment, and many more from your phone. Zenith Bank’s USSD code is the most extensive of the banks we have covered so far, as it enables more functionality and service that others don’t have yet. The code allows you to – Transfer money, Recharge airtime, pay bills, and check your balance. The simple USSD code also allows you to update your BVN, Deactivate your mobile banking profile, stop mobile banking debit transactions, open a new account; the list goes on. Zenith Bank fully utilized the potential of USSD shortcodes to extend most banking operations to your fingertips, knowing that customers may not have the internet or a smartphone to carry out banking operations. How thoughtful.

Zenith Bank’s USSD banking service is available to all customers and accounts except domiciliary, ZECA, and Premium (Gold and Platinum) accounts. You must have the essential requirement, which is an AlertZ number associated with a Zenith Bank account and airtime to carry out transactions using the transfer code.

Note: The number associated with your Zenith bank and receives bank alerts is nicknamed – AlertZ number. Zenith Bank describes AlertZ as a transaction notification that Zenith Bank sends to a customer’s mobile number registered with the bank.

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Zenith bank transfer code

How to register for Zenith’s Bank EazyBanking

Follow these simple steps to get started with Zenith Bank’s EazyBanking.

  • Dial *966*00# with your AlertZ number.
  • Enter the last four digits of your Debit (ATM) card number.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN.
  • Confirm the 4-digit PIN.

After successful registration, you will get a message “Retrieving your balance.” Subsequently, you will receive an SMS with the balances on all your accounts.

After registering for Zenith’s bank EazyBanking to enjoy Zenith bank transfer code via USSD, you can now carry out banking transactions on your phone.

Note: The money transfer limit is N100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira) daily, and Airtime top-up limit is N3,000.00 (Three thousand Naira) daily. You can sign up for indemnity to transfer more than 100k – information is below.

How to open an account with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

Dial 9660# and follow the on-screen directions. After successful account creation, an account number will be created automatically and sent to your AlertZ number via SMS. You won’t require to fill out any form or submit any document. Once you sign up, look out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN – Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number) sent via text.

I recommend visiting a Zenith Bank branch to conclude the account creation. Some paperwork, such as birth certificate light bill payment, might be needed; this will increase any withdrawal or deposit limit and remove any restrictions on the account.

How to transfer money with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

To transfer money to either a Zenith bank account or another bank account, you need the same USSD format.

  • Dial *966*amount*account Number#

Works only with the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen steps.

E.g., 9665000*0066778844# will transfer N5,000 to the 0066778844 account number.

How to buy airtime with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

To buy airtime with Zenith’s bank Eazybanking code is a straightforward process.

  • Dial *966*amount*mobile number#

E.g., 9661000*08033344466# – This will recharge the airtime on 08033344466.

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How to pay bills with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

To Pay bills with a Zenith bank transfer code, you need to have a customer ID,

  • Dial *966*7*amount*customer ID#.

Customer ID is your identification on the biller’s record. You can also pay other Zenith Billers with the same EazyBanking code.

  • Dial; *966*6*biller code*amount#.

How to update BVN with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

BVN phone number update has never been more accessible. No more going to the banking halls and waiting for hours. Zenith Bank added functionality on their EazyBanking code where you can update the phone number on your BVN using your Zenith AlertZ number.

  • Dial *966*BVN#

This will automatically have your phone number on BVN updated with your phone number on Zenith bank records.

How to reset mobile banking password and USSD pin with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

If you ever forget your mobile banking password, you can quickly get a new one.

  • Dial *966*60# and follow the on-screen instructions.

It works only from your AlertZ number, just like other Zenith EazyBanking USSD codes earlier written.

How to block your Zenith bank account with Zenith Bank EazyBanking bank USSD code

If you notice the usual activities on your account, it is advised to stop debit transactions and go to your bank. With Zenith Bank’s EazyBanking code, you can do that.

Dial 966911# from any mobile phone. Enter your account number, which you want to block, then enter your AlertZ mobile number. Press “1” to continue and instantly block your account.

To unblock the blocked account, visit any Zenith Bank branch.

Note: This works from any mobile phone number.

Other banking operations you can do with Zenith Bank EazyBanking code

Retrieve ATM card PIN

  • Dial *966*60# and select option 4.

Block ATM Card

  • Dial *966*60# and select option 6.

Manage cardless withdrawals from ATMs.

  • Dial *966*60# and select option 7.

Select the preferred USSD account to debit.

  • Dial *966*60# and select option 8 to choose the account you want your USSD bank transactions to debit from.

Perform transactions above N100,000 via USSD.

  • Dial *966*60# and then select the option to sign an indemnity (security or protection against a loss or other financial burden).

Activate Agent Banking activities, i.e., cash in and cash out.

  • Dial *966*66# and follow the on-screen prompts.

Perform USSD transactions on POS.

  • Dial *966*000# and enter your POS Reference code.

All account numbers and phone numbers used here are only for demonstration purposes.

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