Hidden Meaning Behind ‘Olympia Black’ in Netflix’s ‘They Cloned Tyrone’

They Cloned Tyrone” is a comedic sci-fi movie released on Netflix in July 2023. The plot follows the adventures of Fontaine and his friends, Slick Charles (played by Jamie Foxx) and Yo-Yo (portrayed by Teyonah Parris). Together, they aim to expose and shut down a covert experiment targeting the black community in Glen. They succeed in exposing and shutting down the experiment in Glen, but the movie’s ending reveals that the experiment is also being conducted in Los Angeles.

They Clone Tyrone Behind The Scene
They Clone Tyrone Behind The Scene

The movie introduces “Olympia Black,” a code phrase used by Nixon (Kiefer Sutherland) to manipulate cloned versions of Slick Charles and Fontaine (John Boyega). Whenever Nixon utters this term, he gains complete control over these clones, dictating their movements and actions.

Interestingly, the phrase isn’t exclusive to Nixon; Fontaine’s clone also uses “Olympia Black” to command Chester (Joh Boyega), another clone, instructing him to kill the real Fontaine who orchestrated the experiment.

But what does “Olympia Black” really signify? Does it possess a historical context or an underlying meaning? Although the movie’s directors and actors haven’t provided an official explanation, there are some potential clues to consider.

Meaning Behind The Codeword Olympia Black

The phrase “Olympia Black” from the movie “They Cloned Tyrone” carries a lot of deeper meanings. Simply put, it refers to a cloned black person being fully controlled, and it also is a way of reflecting racial issues in America’s history and today’s world.

Olympia is the capital of Washington State, a place of power and decision-making. It has a complicated history regarding race, much like many places in America. When “Olympia Black” is used in the movie, it points out how society and those in power have often tried to control black people.

A fight marks the history of African Americans for equal treatment and respect. From the times of slavery to the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing battle for fairness, black people have been in the middle of this story. “Olympia Black” is seen as a symbol of this struggle.

Cloning in the movie adds more to think about. It shows how society has tried to turn black people into objects, controlling them for their own gain. This idea isn’t new. From slavery to modern issues like prison overcrowding, the theme of control runs deep. The cloned person being controlled by the phrase “Olympia Black” is a way of showing this.

In addition, the fact that the command to control the cloned person involves the word ‘Black’ shows how race has often been used as a tool of control. This happens through laws, societal expectations, and how media portrays certain races.

But there’s a flip side to this. The cloned person in the movie can also be seen as a symbol of black people’s resilience or toughness. Despite everything, black culture continues to survive and thrive. The fact that the cloned person, technically, can’t be killed is a powerful way of showing this.

So, “Olympia Black” isn’t just a line in a movie. It’s an intelligent way of illustrating race, power, and resilience. It sheds light on how society has often tried to control and define black people and how they continue to fight back and remain strong.

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