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Todd White Pastor

Who is Pastor Todd White?

Todd White is a popular American pastor and he is known for being the Senior Pastor of LifeStyle Community Church which is located in Watauga, Texas. Todd White was an atheist before he converted in the year 2004 and ever since then, he has been strong in his newfound faith.

In this post, I would be writing on Todd White biography, ministry, wife, net worth, and other information about him. Let us take a look at his profile below.

NameTodd White
WifeSarah White
Net Worth$5,000,000

Todd White Biography

Todd White is a popular American Pastor, author, and Musician who was previously an atheist for 22 years until his conversion in 2004. Todd was previously a drug addict and his teacher is Dan Mohler who he runs the lifestyle Christianity Church alongside with. A little is known about Todd White’s date of birth but he is rumored to be between 40 to 45 years of age. Todd is known for his simplicity while sharing the word of God and previously operating with Neck Ministries to operate before the opening of Lifestyle Christianity Church in 2014.

Todd White Wife

Todd White likes to keep his family matters private but he is married to the love of his life Sarah White who supports his ministry.

Sarah Todd White and Todd White
Todd White and his wife, Sarah White

Sarah White is a songwriter, singer, and musician and she is not active on social media but her photos can be seen on her husband’s Instagram account.

Todd White Ministry

Todd White was a drug addict & atheist for 22 years until he met Jesus and was set free. He was on the verge of taking his life until he became born again and after that encounter, he started preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. Todd White was given the opportunity to operate under a ministry by Dan Mohler and when the ministry began to expand, Todd alongside Tom Ruotolo came together to establish what is now known as Lifestyle Christianity Church and it was formed by a merger of Tom Ruotolo’s Power and Love Ministries and Todd White’s Lifestyle Christianity Church.

Todd White
Todd White

After the merging of the two churches, Lifestyle Christianity Church moved to its headquarters and present location in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from its previous location Abbotts town, Pennsylvania. Lifestyle Christianity travels around the world to preach the gospel and they also share their messages on their mobile platforms for those they are unable to reach physically.

Todd White Net Worth

Todd White is a popular pastor and his net worth is estimated to be around $5,000,000.

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  1. If Todd was truly teaching Jesus’s ways he would not be taking millions of dollars from his followers!Jesus never took a penny ,and didnt live in a million dollar mansion.He is a con man a fake who has fooled so many people who were searching for the truths and got sucked in by his lies! I have known Todd since he was about 14,he was a user then just as he is now.