Lawrence Oyor – Lawrence Oyor Profile, Biography, Songs, Age, and Net worth

Most Christian believers will love whom we are about to delve into – Lawrence Oyor, the gospel chant singer of Oyor Twins (are you ready to drink a cup of fire).

Lawrence Oyor - Lawrence Oyor Profile, Biography, Songs, Age, and Net worth

For this particular piece, we will be covering some basic facts about Lawrence Oyor, one of the Oyor Twins. As we bring you the biography of Lawrence Oyor, his age, profile and perhaps his net worth, we will also list out the Chants and songs by Lawrence Oyor.

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Lawrence Oyor Biography

Evang. Lawrence Oyor, a gospel music minister was born on May 14th 1991 to a Christian home based in Ibadan, a city in Oyo state in the western part of Nigeria, pre-dominant by the Yorubas. He was born with a twin into a family of four where both parents are clergymen. Lawrence is 28-years-old as of the time of this article in 2019.

Lawrence Oyor - Lawrence Oyor Profile, Biography, Songs, Age, and Net worth

Evangelist Lawrence Oyor is a minister of the gospel and a prophetic minstrel popularly know in the Nigerian Christian world for his revival chants and songs. His most popular chants “Bowl of fire” is said to be one the most divine connecting gospel chants.

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Lawrence Oyor Chants and songs

Lawrence Oyor has released a ton  of powerful gospel chants and songs since his emergence this year.

  • Bowl of Fire
  • Burn The World
  • Prophetic Chant
  • Fall in love
  • Row your boat
  • I am hungry
  • Ah Ah Ah
  • Groaning
  • Glory and Power
  • I’m in love with Jesus
  • Eagles Flight
  • Another Measure
  • In love
  • Jesu my Lord
  • I Love you
  • Wine of Spirit

Lawrence Oyor Profile

Lawrence Oyor is a young passionate lover and seeker of God owns a Ministry called Davidic Minstrels. According to Lawrence, Davidic Minstrels is a global movement by the Oyor twins – Lawrence Oyor and Godswill Oyor (Lawrence Oyor’s brother). The movement is to awakening hearts to worship God and demonstrate his love and power. The group released a Christian album titled – Sound War 1which consists of several gospel songs and chants.

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Lawrence Oyor Marriage

At the moment, Lawrence Oyor is not yet married and no news has been reported of him being engaged.

Lawrence Oyor Net worth

At the moment, Lawrence Oyor net worth is not estimated which is common with most new gospel ministers.

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