Teni and Simi set to drop a new song ?

teni and simi in new song

Two top level Nigerian female artist, Simi and Teni are set to drop a new song which we believe will be a banger. The stories video shared by simplysimi, Simi’s social media handle, suggests.

Teni and simi

What else is about to happen when two artist come together like this ? Olympic race ?

Simi and Teni have released songs welcomed by fans within and outside Nigeria. Last year, Teni rocked “The Headies Award for Rookie of The Year” award and we see her winning more this year. Simi, already on top of her game bagged the following Headies award,

The Headies Award for Album of the Year
The Headies Award for Best Recording of the Year
The Headies Award for Best Collabo” and three more.

These two musician have covered much grounds in Nigeria, we are not surprised about the youngster, Teniola Apata. She is a star. She is often paired up with Simisola, as in, who is the boss ?

That’s a ridiculous comparison, you know right ?

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Simi in the video admitted to be Teni’s big fan as she described Teni as an amazing singer.

While the brag remains unsettled, Simi and Teni have locked talents and are set to drop and new wave. Expect nothing less than a banger. To me, Simi is one of the Nigerian artist, who has never disappointed. Moreover, Teni’s “uyo meyo”, is still on repeat.


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