Between Wizkid and Davido, Who is more popular answered

Davido and Wizkid who is more popular

Davido and Wizkid are undoubtedly two of the biggest musicians on the African continent aside from Burna Boy.
Their musical prowess in the Afrobeat music genre has crossed the borders of Africa and has made notable impacts in Europe, America, and other parts of Asia.

Both artists are making Nigerians and as a matter of fact, Africans proud, with their remarkable achievements in music. Davido has done international collaborations, so has Wizkid. Wizkid has won international awards, so has Davido too. Their achievements in the music industry make it look like they are in a competition, but in fact, they are not.

They are two good musicians doing what they do best, music. So who is better? Who is the richest amongst them and who is more popular in the world?

How do two of them stack up against each other? Who has a bigger global influence?

We will answer all those questions in detail and with verifiable facts.

Wizkid and Davido, Who is more popular in the World?

Wizkid and Davido who is more popular
Davido and Wizkid who is more popular?

I can’t go over the world asking everyone if they have heard of Davido or Wizkid, but I can use data from the internet to reach a conclusion of who is better. To tell between Wikzid and Davido who is more popular in the world, I will be using the following analysis.

  • Social Media Influence
  • YouTube reach
  • International Collaborations
  • Endorsement deals
  • Track records
  • Awards
  • Google Trends analytics

Social Media Influence

Social media is like a global village. Anyone who doesn’t have any social media account is either living in an internet-forbidden place or not acquainted with modern technology. In Africa and many parts of the world, it is a key factor in determining the influence of celebrities and public figures.

And we will be using only Instagram and Twitter.

For this comparison, we will look at how many followers Wizkid has and how many followers Davido has, as of the time of this post.

Let’s start with Wizkid.

As of the time of this post, Wizkid has 11.4 million followers on Instagram and 7.7 million followers on Twitter.

As of the time of this post, Davido has 18.1 million followers on Instagram and 8.2 million followers on Twitter.

Here is a table that summarises it all.

Instagram followersTwitter followers
Davido18.1 million8.2 million
Wizkid11.4 million7.7 million

Davido tops the chart when it comes to Instagram and Twitter following among African celebrities. A record he has held for more than 5 years.

From the analysis, it is evident that Davido is more popular than Wizid on social media (Instagram and Twitter).

YouTube Reach

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms on the planet with billions of daily visitors. Although the competition is tight these days. YouTube content Creators upload and monetize their content on YouTube, to billions of people who have access to YouTube.

If you are a regular YouTube user, the analytics aspect won’t bother you much, unlike YouTube content creators. YouTube views count is also an important metric in measuring a video’s influence, reach, and success. American Rappers like 6ix9nine Takashi trended worldwide with his hit song “GOOBA ” which amassed 43 million views in 24 hours and still counting.

We will now pull data from YouTube to see who leads on YouTube between Wizkid and Davido.

Wizkid joined YouTube on September 20, 2014, and has a total views count of 562,077,342. His channel, StarBoy TV has 1.41 million subscribers. His most-watched video has 96,989,079 views. And it is “StarBoy – Come Closer ft Drake” which was uploaded in 2017.

Davido joined YouTube on November 22, 2018, and has a total views count of 706,847,850. His channel, Davido has 1.98 million subscribers. His most-watched video has 186,122,670 views. And it is “Davido – Fall” which was uploaded in 2017.

So let’s see the table.

YouTube SubscribersYouTube Total views
Davido1.98 million706,847,850
Wizkid1.41 million562,077,342

Davido wins this round as well. Two points ahead of Wikzid.

International Collaborations

As I have mentioned earlier, Davido and wizkid have recorded successes globally. They are more like the icons of Afro-beat and have joined the list of global icons from Africa.

Davido and Wizkid have both had collaborations with other musicians across the world.

But for the record, Davido has done collaborations with artistes such as,

  • Meek Mill
  • Wale
  • Rae Sremmurd
  • Young Thug
  • Tinashe
  • Quavo
  • Tonry Lanez
  • Popcaan
  • Chris brown

Wizkid has also done collaborations with musicians such as

  • Beyonce
  • Drake
  • Dua Lipa
  • Major Lazer
  • Tyga
  • Trey Songz
  • Chronixx
  • Offset
  • Chris Brown

International collaborations increase an artist’s global audience reach and boost their fame. For this comparison, both Wizkid and Davido get a point each.

Endorsement deals

The business side of music cannot be overemphasized. As an artist tends to gain more audience, he or she attracts Brands who pay them for endorsement deals.

Businesses and legal corporations play a major role in measuring the influence of musicians. This is because musicians sign multi-million deals with major corporations in exchange for brand promotion.

For Wikzid and Davido, they weigh an even scale when it comes to endorsement deals.

Wizkid has worked with global brands including;

  • Pepsi
  • GLO
  • Guiness
  • Nike
  • Tecno Mobile
  • UBA

Davido has worked with global brands including;

  • MTN
  • Guinness
  • Infinix Mobile
  • Bitsika
  • Dolce & Gabbana

Both of them get a point each.

Track records

This part of the comparison gives room for debate but nevertheless will be measuring the reach of Wizkid and Davido’s song by YouTube views per music video and traction.

Currently, Davido’s Top 3 songs are

  • Fall – 186 million views
  • FIA – 79 million views
  • Assurance – 63 million views

Wizkid’s Top songs 3 are

  • Come Closer – 96 million views
  • SOCO – 85 million views
  • Fever – 63 million

Davido wins again. His 2019 album, A Good Time, reached over a billion streams across all platforms. It’s the latest record-breaking feat for him. Also, his single “Fall” was certified gold in the US and Canada in 2020.


Both Davido and Wizkid have made wonderful contributions to the Music industry worldwide.

Davido has been recognized by the organizers of the following awards;

  • Kora Awards
  • MTV Awards
  • BET
  • Ghana Music Awards
  • Channel O
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award
  • Headies

Wizkid has been recognized by the organizers of the following awards;

  • BET
  • Channel O
  • MTV Awards
  • BillBoards
  • Ghana Music Awards
  • Headies

This round is the third tie.

Google Trends analytics

In case you didn’t know, Google has a tool where you can check the search volume of any term, head over to Google Trends.

So to find out between Davido and wizkid, who is being searched for most on Google. We put in the search terms, (“wizkid”, “David”), without the brackets, and run a query, setting our coverage to “Worldwide”, and time range to “Past 12 months”. Here are the results.

Davido more popular than Wizkid
On the average, Davido tops Wizkid on number of seraces on Goolge.

Wizkid (blue) currently wins at “Interest over time”, due to seasonal changes in search volume. He just released an album “Made In Lagos”.

On average, Davido (red) has more people worldwide searching for him on Google.

Davido vs Wizkid search trend on google

The image above shows that, in regions worldwide (red), Davido is searched for most.

In Conclusion

Both Wizkid and Davido are doing excellently well. They have set records and acquired laurels. Between the two musicians, no competition exists. But fans just love to brag and weigh artists on a scale, all for the fun of it.

When it comes to who is more popular between Davido and Wizkid? Davido is more popular than Wizkid.

As of 2020, Davido is more popular than Wizkid, but the stats are bound to change. It’s that volatile in the entertainment industry.

When you’re on top, the only way to go is down.

– unknown

Davido’s social media following surpasses that of Wizkid. His music stream globally surpasses that of Wizkid. Also, his songs have gone farther than that of Wizkid.

So, we can safely conclude that Davido is more popular than Wizkid.

That’s my verdict based on the analysis and data that are easily verifiable on the internet. So what are your comments? Don’t forget to share this post with others.

Times change, so we will update this post after three months.


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