10 Lessons to learn from Money Heist

money heist

Money heist is an interesting series with a captivating fusion of various real-life situations, love, hate, bitterness, integrity, intelligence, and even criminology. The Award-winning series – Money Heist is not without lessons that we can learn from it. The movie centers around a group of criminals who wants to do good to the general public by doing bad. In the middle of each heist, they face real-life challenges and these are the lessons one can learn.

Money and love are the strongest bonds

If you were in the shoes of the hostages at the money mint factory, what would you do? Choose freedom or help print more money and wait for 1 million euro promise? 70% of the world population will rather help the money heist criminals print more money, 1 million euros can get one sorted for life.

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And the reason is not far-fetched. Your life is already on a fifty-fifty basis. The captors are not dumb enough to let you go, just as we saw in the movie, although they later gave freedom to the hostages who chose freedom. But, since your life depends on the person asking you to help print more money and get a reward later, that means, at the end of the heist, you will be alive and at least you’ll have a reward for being a hostage.

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It was love that bonded Denver and Monica. It was love that attracted Rio to Allison Parker even though he was currently in a relationship with Tokyo. It is only love that can bond a hostage to a kidnapper. It is called the Stockholm syndrome. It was love that made Tokyo dash back to the crime scene even after she was freed from a prison convoy.

Women make the best decisions

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After Berlin rolled out Tokyo to the police in a rash revenge decision, it was Nairobi who stepped up to get the team working again. At some point, it became too heavy on her, but she took a bold step by leading other men on a mini-coup over Berlin. Back at the tent where the police temporarily carried out investigations, it was a woman – Agent Raquel who was in charge. Agent Raquel despite having personal family/love issues was able to crack the money heist case, although she was being played by the Professor – Sergio Maquina.

Women also make the worst decisions

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Out of love, women make the worst decisions. The worst decision in the Money heist was when Tokyo due to her degenerate impatience rode back to the money mint factory, just so she can be with Rio who has a thing for Allison Parker. What a shame. She could just wait for the professor in hiding and reunite with Rio later.

Agent Raquel is confused in love, let me put it that way. Despite being a top detective on-ground, she could figure that Salva was a disguise, even when the evidence was glaring. She once decided to get her self killed by going towards the defense line after she learned that Agent Angel had an accident which led him to close to death.

The government only protects what is governments

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You recall the moment the Intelligence unit forced Agent Raquel to accept a deal where only Allison Parker, daughter of a top UK politician, will be freed in place of 8 hostages. This shows that when it gets to a tight end, the government will only protect what belongs to the government.

Kenyan government deports “Jesus” and arrests pastors who invited him.

Criminals have emotions and feelings

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In the first season of the movie, money heist, we saw how the thieves meddled with the hostages. Berlin found himself a personal secretary, Denver found himself a lover who was pregnant – Mónica Gaztambide. Little Arturo was loved and cared for by Helsinki, well not until he caused Oslo’s death. Even Tokyo tried to hook up with Allison Parker. Nairobi talked Allison Parker out of her low-self esteem and cowardy.

Love is unpredictable

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Who would ever think that the professor, the brain behind the money heist would hook up with Agent Raquel? The Professor was portrayed as a man who doesn’t make mistakes. However, his only mistake was falling in love with Agent Raquel, the lead-detective on the money heist case. According to Sergio, the professor, it just happened.

On the other side, Agent Raquel could not submit the Professor to the police even after arresting him. She lost her life trying to protect the professor too.

CCTV footage shows frightful moments kissing the couple falls 50ft to their death.

No policeman is sacrificing, they have families too

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Many times in the movie Money Heist, we see policemen rather surrender than lose their life. That was how the criminals got into the money mint. A police escort was compromised without the policemen trying an attempt to resist at gunpoint. The money or their life, they choose their life.

Tokyo was freed the same way. The policeman who had a gun pointing to her head couldn’t risk dying if he shoots her.

Teamwork creates the strongest resistance

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When the first batch of hostages escaped, a hole was made in the mint. It took the criminal’s collective effort to resist the SWAT from entering. Tokyo rolled out a machine gun which scared the SWAT team away after which the criminals collectively raised an iron blockade in less than a minute.

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Men can be scum, afraid and fearful

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Little Arturo as he was fondly addressed by Berlin is a typical example. He comes up with an escape plan but can’t carry it out without risking the life of a student or his lover. His third escape plan worked but the same Arturo leaked the escape plan to the captors after he was to going to be berated by Helsinki. He was scum. Even after reducing the chances of survival he still feels he can motivate his fellow hostage to rebel.

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Even the rich want a normal life

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Allison Parker, the daughter of a top government official in the UK was always bullied in school. In a move to stop that, she offered herself to the chief-bully, who duped her by posting her nude picture on the internet. All she wanted to have was the normal life of a teenager. It was Nairobi who got to her and talked her out of her misery. Anyway, Nairobi regrets it.


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